Google Unveiling Material You

The 2021 update of Google's Material Design


Material You is the next-generation of Google's long-running Material Design design system, announced as part of Google I/O 2021. Google introduced Material Design in 2014 to create a more seamless look and feel across all services and devices. Material You is the biggest upgrade so far. Material You will transform the look and feel of Android, Google, and beyond.

What’s new in Material You?


The system picks colors from a person’s wallpaper image and translates a hue into tonal ranges. A range of light and dark tones is generated from the extracted color. This allows the same palette to work across light, dark, and high contrast themes, and with the same color slots. 

challenge familiar assumptions and conventions,” with an eye towards new form factors and fully integrating the hardware, OS, and apps. One example of this moving away from shadow to separate objects in the foreground and background, while shapes provide “new ways to look at containment and state. 

Organic forms
We wanted to imbue digital development with the spirit of the natural world. Organic forms that react to input are an example of how surface effects can enliven our everyday interactions, adding new energy and optimism. We’re introducing the sense of aliveness particularly through shape, space, light, and motion

What will Material You mean for you?

Material You will come first to Google Pixel this fall; developers get a preview today, with Android 12. As Google outlined, this new design language will "involve delivering design that truly addresses how you use your device." Instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach to design, Material You will introduce a "refining and harmonizing of Material Design's principles to address the needs of specific apps and devices." Material You will introduce a new perspective for design to encompass "how you use a device" and highlight the different ways in which you engage with the world.

Material You Beyond Google?

Back in 2014, Google introduced Material Design. A design language for products, mobile applications, and the web. The design system used a flat UI with the main shapes being circles and squares. The framework was adopted by a variety of brands like Amazon, Facebook, Nintendo, Microsoft, Uber, and many more. It's now time for Google to evolve Material Design and improve it. And Material You is the next step in that evolution.


Material Design was originally introduced by Google back in 2014. From the outset, Google opted for a relatively simple, high-quality design, using flat colors, sharp textures, and simple shapes. Material Design has consistently improved in recent years, and the latest version, Material You, seems like it will be the most significant update. So we will probably see many of the design principles far beyond google’s apps and services