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We do this with a lot of attention to the end users, because ultimately, technology revolves around people and what they can do with it.
by BURO.ONE14 march  2024 · 1 min

01. Design

We use various techniques, such as creating clickable prototypes, design systems, and visual design, to visualize and test an idea early in the process with users. This helps us to create products and services that meet the needs of end users.

02 Software

An idea can be realized in working software when it is clear. Depending on the goal and the product, the right tools are chosen. For frontend development, we often use frameworks such as Vue.js or React, and for backend development, we use Symfony and Laravel. Sometimes a custom implementation in C or Go, or a microservice in Node.js, may be the right direction. It all depends on the goal.

03 Infrastructure

We design tailored server architecture that scales, is secure, and remains always accessible. Our services are designed to run across multiple data centers in the cloud or on physical servers and can handle a large number of users and data. We aim to choose data centers that are nearby and run on green power.

BURO.ONE Digital

We embrace multidisciplinary collaborations and integrate technology, data, and design for positive societal impact.